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Accelerate learning by improving the Culture and Climate

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Jewell will illustrate how school leaders can create a school culture and climate equitable to all learners. In addition, he will share his approach to creating and improving the school. Jewell Ragsdale will demonstrate how to improve the culture that impacts the climate at both rural and urban schools. Speaker Ragsdale provides a practical approach to improving the school culture and environment right now.

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By improving the Culture and Climate in your school.

Accelerate Student Achievement by Improving the Culture and Climate will illustrate how school leaders can create an equitable student-learning environment for all learners. In addition, he will share his approach to creating and improving the school. 

  • Create student-friendly culture and climate that is equitable to all learners

  • Improve the academic performance and accelerate the academic achievement of students 

  • Teaching intervention strategies that will yield better academic performance

  • Teaching practices that differentiate the needs of all learners

Accelerate Student Achievement

Jewell Ragsdale


Jewell Ragsdale has over 25 years of experience as a transformational school leader. As an educator, he distinguished himself as a master teacher. Teaching middle school social studies, Jewell received high acclaim for his student-centered approaches to teaching and learning.


As a principal, Jewell Ragsdale led the turnaround effort of both elementary and middle schools. He transformed these low-performing schools into high-performing schools in a short period. With his unique skill set, Jewell has demonstrated the ability to create a positive school culture and student-friendly climate whereby the teacher can teach, and all students can learn.


As a speaker, Jewell is motivational and engaging. Using real life scenarios and researched-based strategies, he can share how to integrate a positive culture and climate that will change the students' and teachers' actions and behaviors at the school.


Overcoming adversities as a student and adult, Jewell has earned two BA degrees in history and education, along with an MA in educational administration. His unique life experiences have prepared him to show school leaders how to improve student academic performance and behavior by first enhancing the culture and climate in schools.



Talk #1

Improving the culture/climate in your school will accelerate student achievement. School culture refers to how teachers and other staff members work together and the beliefs, values, and assumptions they share. Positive school culture and climate promote students' ability to learn. I will share strategies to improve your school culture and climate.

In the Classroom
Teacher Assisting a Student

Talk #2

A school's climate is based on the vision, beliefs, values, and expectations of the school leaders. The culture reflects the actions of the principal and the staff. Relationships with the staff and students are the cornerstone of a positive school environment. The school climate refers to the school's effect on students, including equitable teaching practices, diversity, and the relationships among administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

Talk #3

How you deliver instruction and how students learn must be coherent with the student's needs. Teachers must collaborate and develop similar beliefs and values about teaching and learning to build or sustain the right culture and climate. A professional learning community is essential for teachers to develop practices to meet the needs of all learners, in addition to a universal language of instruction. Differentiation of instruction will allow teachers to target students for interventions based on formative assessments of student data. These are the byproducts of a positive school climate. With fidelity, these practices will accelerate all students' academic performance and learning experience.

Teacher with Pupils



I had the privilege of being a student at Coronado Middle School in the Kansas City, KS school district under the leadership of Mr. Jewell Ragsdale as Principal. During my middle school years at Coronado, the experience was nothing short of amazing! As Principal, Mr. Ragsdale set a standard building-wide that echoed transparency, relationship building, and academic excellence. A school’s building climate begins with the building leader, and Mr. Ragsdale fostered an inviting environment in which he knew every student and staff member by name, structured and student-centered. In developing such a phenomenal academic environment, his key ingredient was high expectations of students and staff!

Javen Betts



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